Sunday, June 15, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt.

It had been ages i do not update my blog. BUSY huh?
Ya rite.
Had been busy for the past few months.
Busy with work, assignments and also personal life.
Personal life?Hahahaha.
BTW, dah lama tak cerita tentang Encik Ahmad kan?
Hurmmmm. Simpanlah cerita tu untuk masa-masa yang akan datang,;)


May is synonym with school holiday. Yeahhhh. Cuti. Maka bermulah episod memenuhi walimah para sahabat handai, rakan taulan yang terdekat. Alhamdulillah. Jodoh mereka sampai awal. Im happy when i see them happy with their spouses. 

This is the wedding of the month. First wedding is my best friend's wedding. I knew her since 2006. She is Nur Farah Asmaq Abdul Rahim. Actually, i can't attend her wedding because i need to sit for my final exam. Pity me and Ezah aka Faridah Noor Che Ali. 

The second wedding is my ex housemate's wedding. She's my roomate in USM. She is Nurul Intan Safinah Dzulkefli. Very lovely and nice person. And nice wedding too. 1st time pergi Jempol. Tak de la jauh sangat dari Temerloh.

LAst but not least. My ex roomate's wedding. She is Zalehasiah Ahmad. Her nick name is Kaka Za coz she is older than me that why i call her kak za. 

Now, let's pictures describe everything.



intan & ashraf

Semoga kalian berbahagia until Jannah. I love u all.


p/s: When is my turn? 

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