Thursday, November 6, 2014


This is my madness.

credit to google 

This is my madness. Gila yang teramat sangat. Easy to said that i already fallen in love with him. Girin aka Giraffe is his nickname. DOB 14 July 1985. See. ade chance kot. hahahahaha. In your dream, Fadhilah! For me, he is a handsome, good-looking guy. He is a model. That's why la memang nampak photogenic dalam camera. Dalam runaway pn memang nampak hensem giler2. Tengok jela dalam Running Man EP. 176. You will find out he is very good in runaway compared to others. Frankly speaking, he is handsome.

Tak taula kegilaan ni akan bertahan sampai bila. Terasa memang nak g Korea je and wanna be one of the RM Production Team. Just wanna their true colors. Memang tak jemulah tengok dia ni. Sweet sangat. Melting boh!