Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thank you

Dear En.Ahmad,

Thank you for everything
Thank you for making my dream come true
Thank you for making yourself available to make sure that i can joined the camping activity with my relatives
Thank you for mambling and keep on nagging about myself (mcm mak nenek)
Thank you for spending your time with me
Thank you for cheer me up even though i have to pretend that im happy(hypocrite)
Thank you for make me realize that i need to be more patient in whatever i do (dh sedar lama cume kadang kala emosi menguasai diri)

I know that i can't trust you 100% (You know the reasons rite)
Whatever happens it is reflected on what you have done before
What you give,you will get back
The things will become worse if you are keep on doing the same thing
Please learn from your past experiences
Do not keep on blaming others if you notice that you are the one that start the games
I just follow your games by using the same rythms, patterns and shapes
If you stop yours,i will stop mine
I hope that you will not regret on what happens

So, see you when i see you.

Your most beautiful,adorable & gorgeous girlfriend