Monday, March 31, 2014


Assalamualaikum wbt. & Salam Sejahtera,

It is very hard to describe that things right now.
It is miserable,
It is upredictable,
It is understandable.

People will always judge another people by its cover.
They will never know what is actually happened.
I will give you one clear and simple analogy.
If you see I am going out with someone who drives BMW or Kia Forte,
Of course your first assumption or conclusion will be I am a materialistic person.

Am I right?

That is a normal assumption.
A normal prediction and normal judgement.
Then, it will turn into rumors.

Sebab tu la orang kata. Kalau tak nak ada sebarang gosip, sila jauhkan diri dari gosip.
Kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah ditepi pantai.

Masakan pokok boleh bergoyang jika tiada angin-angin sepoi bahasa yang menggoyangkannya.

So, moral of the story, avoid any gossip to be clean from rumors.

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