Friday, March 8, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Hi peeps!!!!

I update my blog in the office. Hahaha. Actually i can go home already. My office hour is start from 8.00 am until 4.30 pm every day. How nice it is right?Hehehe. But, every Saturday is a working day for me. It is very hard for me to attend my friends' wedding. Almaklumlah dorang semua buat hari Sabtu. I will come, Insya Allah but maybe a bit late. Sorry guys.Hehehe.

Hurm. I do love my current job even though sometimes i felt a bit boring. A bit ok! But, I managed to motivate myself, to wake up early in the morning. kalau tak nak kerja boleh??? hahahaha. Impossible. Mustahil. Because i felt empty when im doing nothing. I felt like my brain is not working when im just sitting down, lying down, eating, watching tv etc. It will makes my body became more tired and more lazy.

Manusia! Tak pernah bersyukur dengan apa yang dia ada. So, fadhilah!!!! Please be more grateful on what do you have. My second boss said that my English is good compared to the other Malay girl. Owh damn. I don't think so!! Hahahaha. I don't think im good enough in that particular language. Im the type who like to read novel but Malay novel ok! I do have English novels, but, I am not interested enough to read it. Hahahah.

That's all i think. I need to work tomorrow. I can't go back to my hometown. Pity me right?Hahaha. By the way, before im going home, want to tell all of you a secret.Hehehe. I have a secret admire. Owh my!!!!! Please help me out of this. Till then, Bubyeeee.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Darah Satria

Lautan luas banjaran gunung
Rezeki nan melimpah
Bawah langit-Nya kami bernaung
Rasa kasih tercurah

Tanah airku bumi bertuah 
Tiada bandingannya 
Rela bersatu ganding tenaga 
Mendaulatkan negara

Dengan penuh keazaman
Semangatmu nan waja
Keranamu rela berkorban
Engkaulah pertiwi yang tercinta

Darah Satria!!
Darah Satria!!
Darah Satria!!!
Berkobar di dada

Tinggalkan ibu tinggalkan ayah
Serta sanak saudara
Membuktikan kesetiaan kita
Pada bumi Malaysia

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Breaking news from me.....

He is going to Lahad Datu!!!
Owh my.
How surprised I am.

Whatever it is,i hope that he will come back to penisular Malaysia safely.
Tengok berita pun dah sedih.
Inikan pulak En.Ahmad sendiri yang pergi sana.

Tiba-tiba teringat lagu "Perwira"
Let he gives his best service to our own beloved country.
Ececece. Semangat oke!!hehe