Saturday, September 29, 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt.

I'm home right now. I came back to Temerloh without any plan.I thought i wanna stay at KL this week but,i think i can't cope with that environment. Unless if i stay with my close friends, probably i will be more comfortable.

Staying with new people is something that i hate of. Im kinda flexible person but i hate when someone is like controlling my life. Asyik nak dengar cerita dia yang dah diulang hampir 10 kali, it is very irritating and annoying. What can i do??? Sabar dan terus bersabar. Semoga dia terus diberkati serta dijauhi dari hasad dengki yang bersarang dihati.

Tomorrow, my ex boyfriend invite me to his bro's wedding. Well, to be someone who is very flexible and sporting, it is not a big mistake to go to that wedding even though i know the fact that im going to meet his girlfriend there. Who cares after all. I hope that she will be more proffesional and mature enough to handle that situation.

Till then.bye........